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I took the kids to Curiodyssey today to give mommy, who’s sick, a chance to get some needed rest.

They really enjoyed playing with the sand table.


Basically anytime they get to play with anything wet or dirty they’re having a great time.


Blaise’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Blaise’s 2nd birthday today.

He woke up to find a new bike, ready to go.


And later this evening he had a great time with his cake. Some of it even ended up in his tummy.



We took the kids trick-or-treating tonight, just around our block.

However, because very few people were trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, people were especially generous and we ended up with more candy than we expected.


Beach Day

It was really warm and sunny, so we went to the beach today.

Blaise played in the sand.

Blaise making sand angels

Aurora enjoyed staying warm, despite how cold the water is in Pacifica.

Aurora in her wetsuit

Cadence enjoyed surfing with Dad.

Cadence with her surfboard

Mori Point

I took the girls on a hike up to Mori Point today, a bluff that overlooks the Pacifica Pier near our house.

The weather was a bit cold and windy, but with all the rain lately, it was just nice that it was dry.


The view of the coves from the bluff was amazing.


The girls packed some dim sum for a snack.


Custard buns are Aurora’s favorite.


They are getting pretty good at managing varied terrain.


But conveniently there’s a staircase on the main incline, making it an easy hike for all.




Parscal Kids Christmas Day 2014

We like Christmas because our family gets to be together. We wake up really early every year because we are so excited to open presents. I was the first to wake up, then Aurora, and Blaise was last with Mom and Dad.

Cadence Christmas Day 2014I like to paint and draw with charcoals so I was really excited to get more charcoal paper.

Aurora Christams Day 2014

Aurora got 10 new drawing pads they were really heavy!

Blaise Christmas Day 2014

Blaise was just really excited to rip the paper.