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Aurora and I were long overdue for a Daddy-daughter day, so we went mini-golfing.

She did pretty well for her first time. The course claimed to have the longest mini-golf hole in the world. When we hit our balls they quickly disappeared down a windy path down a hill. Admittedly this was less less impressive than we expected.

Fun Spot

Today we went to Fun Spot in Laconia, NH. While Mommy was glued to the Dr. Mario arcade, I took the kids to the bumper cars, which is always a favorite.

Crazy Kids

The snow has finally melted completely, so today we went to Crazy Kids in Concord, NH and the kids enjoyed the outdoor play area.

Blaise enjoyed the eagle’s nest.

When the kids got chilly, they came inside. Mommy was in her element, knitting and reading simultaneously.

Ice Cream Farm

Today we went to Beech Hill Farm in Hopkinton, NH.

Blaise enjoyed the giant sand pit.

Aurora really liked the bunnies.

Cadence really liked watching the goats.

Then they all enjoyed some ice cream.