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Photo walk

Today we went on a photo-taking walk to the beach.

Cadence has had her camera for a while and was ready to go straight away. Aurora had just been bumped up from her indestructible kid-safe camera to a real camera with about three times as many buttons.

New cameras

Soon she was snapping photos like a pro.

Aurora taking a photo

Like this photo of a white lily she snapped on the way to the beach.

White Lily

The tide was quite high, as you can see in this picture that Cadence captured as we walked along the water.

Pacifica Ocean

Girl and the Coconuts

I created some basic storyboard templates and printed a stack of them for Cadence to use. We’ve been working on an idea for a movie about a girl who, through much trial and error, eventually gets some coconuts down from a very tall tree.

This is the storyboard she drew after working out some details for the story.

Girl and the Coconuts

The Elephant in the Room

Episode 1

Cadence makes arrangements to move in with Aurora after an elephant sits on her house.

Episode 2

Cadence moves in and Aurora suspects she’s made a terrible mistake.

Episode 3

Cadence wears out her welcome while Aurora tries to make it work.