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Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess was a team effort. I filmed, Aurora starred as the Warrior Princess and Blaise played himself 🙂 Oh, and Dad helped with editing.

Lego Campground

Cadence built a campground scene out of Legos today.


Mia is fetching some water from the stream.


Emma is painting  what she sees around her.


Lego Modeling

Cadence has been doing a lot of modeling with Legos lately.

This is Cardcaptor Sakura’s Sealing Wand.


These are some My Little Ponies, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.



The weather has been so wonderful lately, and the wildflowers that the girls planted last year are growing like crazy. This inspired Cadence and Aurora to go outside and take photos.

These flowers were the first to bloom.

Wildflowers in the back yard

I love this photo, the light is really exciting.

Wildflowers in the back yard

Cadence is also getting quite good at framing, I’m really excited about her progress as a photographer.

Wildflowers in the back yard

Light trails

Tonight on the way home I setup my camera to take very long exposures and handed it to Cadence. She began snapping photos through her window and ended up getting some pretty amazing shots.

Like this one taken near Orinda, CA as we passed by a police car.

Passing a police car

She quickly learned that she could move the camera to paint with the lights, which she did while taking this photo of the Bay Bridge.

Bay Bridge at night

As we neared home, she proclaimed, “I need more colors of light!” while frustratingly observing that most of the lights within view were either head lights and tail lights.

Head lights and tail lights